Medical Billing Companies

Did you know that medical billing companies, like CPa Medical Billing, help your practice to thrive by giving you time to take care of your patients? Our billing specialists handle your patient billing details so that you can focus on providing world-class medical care. Find out how we can help you to do what you do best, keeping your patients healthy.

Outsourcing Medical Billing

Why should you outsource your medical billing? Back in the day before our medical system became so complicated, it was not difficult for a doctor to collect payments from their patients. Today, however, obtaining payments from multiple insurance companies and patients requires the technical skills and dedicated time of a team of billing specialists.

Of course, it’s theoretically possible to handle all of your patient billing in-house. However, you’ll find that there are significant perks to outsourcing this vital part of your practice. Read on for some excellent reasons to rely on medical billing companies to keep your practice in the black.

Claims Expertise

It’s safe to say that your medical practice requires the services of professional billers and coders to flourish. It takes skill and intense attention to detail to successfully file a claim with a health insurance company. CPa Medical Billing knows how to effectively turn your healthcare provider charges into insurance claims that get paid on time.

Insurance Company Go-Between

Do you want to take valuable time away from your patients to talk with an insurance company claims representative? No, you don’t, and the terrific news is that you won’t have to if you rely on a professional medical billing company to advocate on your behalf. We specialize in working with public and private insurance providers to make sure that you get your money as quickly as possible.

Patient Billing

Let us handle your direct patient billing. We do all of the billing work so that you can confine your interactions with your patients toward fulfilling their healthcare goals. Depend on us to seamlessly manage every aspect of your billings and collections process.

What’s more, we’ll work to get insurance pre-authorizations so that your patient has a better idea of the potential cost of medical tests and procedures before undergoing them. We find that taking the time to talk with an insurance company before filing a claim improves the odds that the claims process will proceed smoothly. Additionally, an individual is more likely to pay their bill on time when they know in advance if the insurance company will cover the proposed test or procedure.

Patient Education

Patient education regarding billing and insurance is a surefire way to increase on-time payments. There’s no doubt that patients often receive a blizzard of medical bills, and it is difficult for them to determine the actual amount of money that they must pay as well as the applicable due dates. Our patient call center excels at guiding your patients through the ins and outs of the billing process so that they can take care of their payments on time.

Another benefit of our call center is that your patients will appreciate timely and accurate billing information. As Verywell Health notes, people value excellent customer service, and they are likely to be more satisfied with their healthcare experience if they can pick up the phone and receive friendly, accurate billing information and advice.

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Financial Management Help

Leading medical billing companies also offer financial management services. By keeping track of your billings and payments received, CPa Medical Billing will help you stay on top of your money situation so that you can make informed financial decisions. Let’s look at some of the primary ways in which outsourcing your medical billing can help you manage your finances.


Did you know that using a collections process to obtain an overdue payment should be your last resort? Not only will you certainly jeopardize your relationship with your patient, but you’re also unlikely to recover all of the outstanding debt. Still, there are times when using a collections agency is in your best interest, and you can be sure that we’ll do everything in our power to help you collect on overdue accounts.

Tracking Accounts Receivable

It’s not enough to merely bill patients and file claims with public and private insurance providers. To stay financially fit, you must track the bills and claims until you receive payment. Effectively tracking your accounts receivables takes consistent effort.

Save Money on Staffing

When you commit to the world of medical billing companies, you’ll no longer need to have in-house billing and coding specialists on staff. Indeed, CPa Medical Billing will take over all of the billing and claims functions so that your team can focus on delivering high-quality healthcare. The reduction in your in-house staff will lead to an increase in your revenue. Imagine how you might use that extra money to grow your practice.

Monthly Reports

The only way to keep your practice financially sound is through a firm understanding of how much money comes in each month. We make it possible for you to have the up-to-date details on the state of your direct and insurance provider payments. Along with tailoring reports to your requirements, we will provide you with a comprehensive medical billing report each month. Essentially, we give you the financial information necessary to strengthen the way that you run your practice.

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There are many medical billing companies in the industry, and we know that you have choices. That’s why we are eager to provide you with the most exceptional service in every aspect of the medical billing business. We know that it’s not enough to merely send out billing statements and wait for the payments. Instead, we use our expertise in communication to work with insurance providers and patients to see to it that your practice remains solid financially.

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